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You cannot allow your circumstances to determine your performance!

  • You cannot allow yourself not to show up as a good husband/wife/father/mother because you have had a bad day at work

  • You cannot allow yourself to perform poorly on the course because you have had a fight with your spouse

  • You cannot allow a bad night's sleep to affect your performance at work

We can start to build endurance by focusing on what we can control.

We cannot control what happens to us, or the results that we achieve, though we can always control what we do, to give us the best chance of succeeding.

What can we control? (Just a few examples)

  • You can take your personality anywhere

  • You can take a willing attitude anywhere

  • You can greet every person that you meet with a warm smile

  • You can show up early

  • You can take effort anywhere

  • You can study before the class

  • You can always be prepared

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed by your circumstances, start to think about what you can control in your given circumstances. When you shift your mindset from what is happening, to what you can control, you will start to feel a sense of empowerment, which will allow you to act.

Sporting Example (Football) -

Even the worst pass, can become an exceptional pass, with a well timed run and a bit of creativity. Put in the effort!

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